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28,000 Electric km « Rowetel - http://www.rowetel.com/blog/?p=1782
"I haven’t written much about my EV for a while as nothing much has happened. It just goes and goes, and has just clocked over 28,000 electric km since it was converted. This post is a collection of notes from my EV driving in 2011. It’s been two years since I installed Lithium batteries and they have operated faultlessly. I haven’t touched them. It’s a bit deceiving actually, guess I should check the terminals or something. But when it just goes and goes you get a bit complacent. I don’t even have an ammeter or voltmeter at the moment. This picture says it all – spider webs where the petrol used to go!" ‎· silpol
"However I realised I hadn’t taken the car in for a “service” since I finished the conversion to electric drive 3 years ago. This is because there isn’t much to service in an EV, no oil, water, spark plugs, timing belts, heads to crack, water pumps, hoses, fuel pumps, or exhaust systems to corrode. The only wearing parts are brakes and tyres. So I took it down to my friends at Woodville Park Autos and they rotated the tyres, checked the brakes and replaced the wiper blades. That’s the maintenance for 3 years and 28,000 km on an EV!" ‎· silpol
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