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Re: George Monbiot on Junk Science, Rational Thought, and The Tragedy of Giving Up Nuclear (Podcast) : TreeHugger - http://www.treehugger.com/treehugger-radio/george-monbiot-on-...
"your last few paragraphs in other words are all about how to give humanity yet another reason not to wake up but sweet lullaby for happy use of safe nuke power, and 100 yrs later that one will be gone too (or do you think uranium ore is infinite too?) only population will be even bigger because if you don't threat humans they multiply happily - so it will be die-off anyway just from higher numbers and even more bloody pictures just not you and me, eh?" ‎· silpol
oh yeah, treat humans so that them bastards don't multiply. treat them harder! </irony> ‎· 9000
oh yeah, let'em multiply like rabbits just into face of coming issues with resource - and then let Malthus principle fix their numbers </irony> ‎· silpol
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