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"The Nokia N9 is a lovely phone, but unix packages aren't yet available for it. Further, the Aegis security framework locks the user out of doing all sorts of neighborly things. Rather than wait for individual packages to be made available--or for the Aegis-neutered kernel to be ported--I instead built NetBSD's pkgsrc. My build chain consists of qemu-system-arm with Debian Lenny and pkgsrc, the latter targeting /opt/pkgsrc. This is then rsync'ed to a server and then to my workstation, where the Harmattan fork of dpkg-deb produces a signed package of the entire installation. Emacs, perl, git, subversion, and all the other niceties of a real unix system come over without any need to neuter Aegis. As everything stays within its own path, I don't have to worry about package conflicts." ‎· silpol
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