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Imagine no electricity bills: the rise of "net zero" homes - http://current.com/technology/93700311_imagine-no-electricity...
If done properly, a smartly built green home featuring solar power, energy-efficient appliances, and proper insulation can result in the owner facing monthly electricity bills amounting to $0, or thereabouts. Now, one homebuilder is making such “net-zero” features standard in several communities around the U.S. (MORE: Energy: Fuels off the Future) The builder is Shea Homes, and its environmentally friendly designs aren’t being promoted to young, green-minded Gen X and Gen Y buyers but to older Baby Boomers who have the other sort of green in mind—money. According to the Arizona Republic, the SheaXero concept, as it’s called, which promises owners will pay nothing or nearly nothing in electricity bills, is being made standard in all Shear Homes Active Lifestyle and Trilogy Communities—11 communities in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and beyond that cater specifically to boomers and other retirees. Read more:... ‎· silpol
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