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Temperatures Break 15,000 U.S. Records in March, NOAA Says #peakoil #transition - http://www.collapsenet.com/free-resources/collapsenet-public-...
"On The Lifeboat Hour on April 15, my guest will be Professor Guy McPherson, climate scientist and Post-Petroleum human, who, using peer-reviewed science delivers one of the best 2+2 = 4 messages. If human industrial activity does not stop now, it will not be possible for our species to survive as multiple tipping points threaten to make the place uninhabitable." ‎· silpol
If human industrial activity suddenly stopped now, millions of humans would start dying outright. It's not that simple. ‎· 9000
@9000 you can start #transition now yourself http://transitionculture.org/ or wait till #peakoil forces you to do that in zeitnot, as in that story on frogs boiled alive in bucket with no cover and with slow gas ‎· silpol
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