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1925 Ford Model T Pickup Truck - Scale 1:32 - http://www.motormint.com/browseproducts/1925-Ford--Model-T-Pi...
"1925 Ford Model T Pickup Truck Imagine A Time When You Could Work For A Month And Buy A Brand New Car! That was half the magic behind Henry Ford`s 1925 Model T dream car-the other half, in this `cuddle-up coupe`, was its `Fab-4` L-head power plant, its gear shift and its roaring 20`s, sleek soft-top styling. And now, for collectors of classic car replicas, we have been authorized by the National Motor Museum Mint to issue this special collector`s edition-available nowhere else-on this strictly limited release. Precision-Engineered To Original 1925 Ford Specifications Features Solid Die-Cast Metal Parts And Official Logos. In this all-time classic every last intricate component comes to life once more in precise scale ratio: double-beam headlamps, twin running boards, hand-operated windshield wipers, tires mounted on working wheels, doors that open to a fully appointed interior every last feature as showroom perfect as if it just rolled off the assembly line. Model Features • 2-Man Cab • Dual-Opening Hood • Wood-Look Plank Bed • Rolling Rubber Tires and Spoke Wheels • Captures in precise detail all of its unique features. • Precision Diecast Replica • Baked Enamel Finish • 1:32 Scale Model • 4.50 Inches Long" ‎· silpol
You can still work for a month and buy a brand-new car! But it will be a Tata or something Chinese. It will probably still be a "Ford" with regard of "Fix Or Repair Daily". ‎· 9000
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