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How to buy cheap European train tickets | Read this advice first! - http://www.seat61.com/Europe-train-tickets.htm
"London to Paris for £39? Paris to Venice for 35 euros? Paris to Geneva for 25 euros? Amsterdam to Prague for 43 euros? Amsterdam to Berlin for 29 euros? If you know where to look and book in advance, there are some amazingly cheap train fares out there for travel to and within Europe. There are no airport taxes to add, no baggage fees or weight limits, the trains run centre-to-centre with no extra costs getting to and from remote airports, and infants go free. Sleeper trains can save a hotel bill, too! It would be lovely if there was a single website that sold tickets for any European train journey at the cheapest price, but there isn't - you need to use different websites depending on the journey you're trying to book. But don't worry, I'm going to explain which website to use or agency to call for any given European train journey, to get the cheapest prices and appropriate ticket delivery options, wherever you live in the world." ‎· silpol
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