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"Welcome to leChateau deCrypto (please pardon the dust) a cooperative of women dedicated to providing a safe and exploratory atmosphere for bitcoins, sex positivism, cryptography, and of course rock'n'roll. Here we invite all of you sexy humans out there to step up and show off your bodies and all you wealthy bitcoin moguls to tip generously ;). How To Get Started If youre feeling frisky and would like to earn some crypto currency tips from your admirers, you have come to the right place. First you need to get a wallet address. Your new address is long and hard to remember so the next step is to get your address shortened. IMPORTANT VERIFICATION [ read me ] Once you have your payb.tc address, write it down along with your reddit name and "deCrypto" on a sign (or use one of our wonderful watermarks), and you MUST pose with it in a verification photo so we know you're a real person (sorry). It is also helpful to post your full bitcoin address as a reply to your posts. This way those that are tipping you can be sure their tips are going to the right exhibitionist." ‎· silpol
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