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More Proof the World Is Going to Hell | VICE -
"Vice: What advice would you give to the people who were out protesting today? I don’t mean the ones who are aiming to be doctors or biologists, more those who are out to get degrees in marketing or media studies. Michael C. Ruppert: The only education worth taking a loan out for now is a practical trade. Do something that will help you stay alive. Industrial society is collapsing and there will be no recovery. We are past peak oil and nobody can deny that. There is a 96 percent correlation between GDP growth and greenhouse gas emissions, which means there can be no [economic] recovery without burning oil and coal. China is scrambling all over the world for coal because their factories are closing down because they rely on coal for energy. So any kind of a career that looks to go into this old model [is not recommended because] there can be no more recovery, period." ‎· silpol
"What would you say to a student who got back from the riots last night and went straight on his new iPad, Twittering about how unfair it is that it’s now going to cost twice as much to complete his three-year course in Japanese toy robot design? I think they’d be better off finding land on which to grow food. People don’t understand that before the industrial revolution, and the use of oil, the earth’s population was at one billion. Now there are seven billion people and we can’t feed and support them all. I don’t mean to be insulting here but your generation has a huge sense of entitlement and maybe a belief that there is a big pile of resources somewhere out there that someone is going to find to make everything OK. Well, there is no secret store house to find. There is not." ‎· silpol
^^^ in other words, the guy advises to prepare to 6 billion people dying, and not lose one's 1/7 chance of not being among them? come on. ‎· 9000
@9000 he is known to sell wooes... the problem is what he says makes sense. Had you seen documentaries with his participation? ‎· silpol