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Microsoft Just Shafted Its Most Important Smartphone Partner, Nokia - Yahoo! Finance - http://finance.yahoo.com/news/microsoft-just-shafted-most-imp...
"Earlier this month, the company announced a major restructuring, including layoffs of 10,000 employees and a bunch of executive replacements, and lowered its guidance for the second quarter. This Wednesday, Microsoft made Nokia's problems much worse. Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8, the next version of its mobile platform. As part of the announcement, Microsoft admitted that no current Windows Phones will be upgradeable to the new platform." ‎· silpol
"But in doing so, Microsoft just killed the market for Windows Phones for the next three to six months. No customer will buy one today knowing that it will be outdated and not upgradeable in months. So Nokia's smartphone sales, already small, will probably grind to a halt until Windows Phone 8 is out. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop -- who joined from Microsoft in 2010 and made the fateful decision to choose Windows Phone rather than Android (or stick with Symbian) -- must have known this was coming. But the company probably understated the case on its last earnings warning when it said that it didn't expect sales to pick up in Q3. In all likelihood, Nokia smartphone sales in Q3 will approach zero. The only question is if Nokia's other products will generate enough cash to keep the company afloat." ‎· silpol
they killed Kenny ‎· silpol
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