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Downloading National Land Survey datasets « Paikkatieto - http://paikkatieto.com/2012/05/08/downloading-national-land-s...
"Finnish public sector is open by definition: you can get almost every document or database, if you just ask. But as in many European countries, you have to pay about data. Not memos or articles, but like road network, maps, statistics etc. Last December, everything changed. National Land Survey of Finland (later on NLS) decided to open all their topographic information. And when I say all, I mean ALL: topographic database (from scale 1:20k), raster maps, aerial imagery, LIDAR data etc. I have estimated that approximately 10 terabytes of geographic information was released. Antti Poikola describe last December in his post: “Victory!! – Finnish map data and aerial photographs will be opened“ Release on 1st of May, 2012" -- there are TORRENTS! ‎· silpol
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