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Tips on Holding Successful Remote Meetings Via Skype, Videoconference - At Work - WSJ - http://blogs.wsj.com/atwork/2012/05/16/pants-required-attendi...
"Gary Testa was on a video call recently with a consultant working from his home office in what appeared to be business attire. “We were chatting away and there was a knock on the door,” says Mr. Testa, a vice president of Polycom, a Pleasanton, Calif., video-collaboration company and the makers of the triangular conference phones found in many corporate meeting rooms. When the consultant stood up to get the door, “he had on a shirt, tie and boxer shorts,” Mr. Testa says. “No one ever would have known” if he had used the “video mute” button, which halts the video feed. Home-based workers must remember that video gear “is like a window” from the outside world into their homes, he says. “You need to dress and act as if the person were sitting across from you.”" ‎· silpol
but ... that's one of perks of home telco's, to be in underpants when everyone is wearing tie & suit, isn’t it? ‎· silpol
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