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Mozilla’s Boot 2 Gecko and why it could change the world - Features - Know Your Mobile - http://www.knowyourmobile.com/features/1267951/mozillas_boot_...
"That’s what Mozilla’s Director of Research Andreas Gal thinks of Google’s purportedly ‘open source’ mobile operating system. In Gal’s view Google’s platform is no different from Apple’s iOS. The entire platform – including its design, development, and direction – is ‘dominated by Google.’ According to Gal, ‘Google makes all of the technological decisions behind closed doors and pushes them outwards. You may or may not get a look at the source after the device comes out. But it’s certainly not open. And in this sense it’s no different from Apple’s platform, except that maybe sometimes you get access to the source.’ And this is where Mozilla comes into the equation. Boot 2 Gecko is based solely on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and is completely open source. Mozilla doesn’t even keep a ‘physical’ copy of the source code in its offices – everything to do with the platform is available online for all to see." ‎· silpol
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