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Russian Anti-Fascist Detained in Spain - FINROSFORUM - http://finrosforum.fi/russian-anti-fascist-detained-in-spain
"On 21 August 2012, police in the southern Spanish city of Granada detained Pyotr Silayev, an activist of Russia's anti-fascist movement, who has received asylum in Finland. The police refused to accept Mr Silayev's assertion that Finland had granted him international protection and permanent residence. Mr Silayev was detained based on an Interpol arrest warrant issued by Russia, which accuses him of "attacking the town hall in Khimki together with 150 accomplices, using firearms and smashing windows." Mr Silayev fled Russia in August 2010 and was granted asylum in Finland in April 2012." ‎· silpol
Leaving asylum while there's an Interpol order for your arrest is probably not so smart a move. ‎· 9000
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