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мы говорим Ленин - подразумеваем Rovio ... (c) почти по Маяковскому http://bit.ly/Ou7w3V
"Vladimir Ilyich arrived in Helsinki in secret on August 10th, 1917. What is most amusing about the incident was that his host Kustaa Rovio was the city's Chief of Police. Contrary to what one might think, Rovio's house was quite the safest hiding-place. According to the orders of the Kerensky-led Provisional Government in Petrograd, Rovio was to be in charge of the search for Lenin in Finland. He was a Social Democrat." ‎· silpol
присутствующие на FB могут увидеть памятную табличку - не Rovio, разумеется, Ленину. ‎· silpol
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