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Massive wind farms to be set up in northwest coastal areas --- Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition - Home - http://www.hs.fi/english/article/Massive+wind+farms+to+be+set+up+in+northwest+coastal+areas/1329104902832


""Can it be that high?" ponders Markku Kehus, municipal mayor of Ii on Finland’s northwest coast at the building site of a wind power plant as he looks up at the crane setting up the plant in the Olhava area. The first section of the towering windmill already rests on a firm foundation. The sections are being put in place with the help of the tallest moveable crane in the Nordic Countries. The crane reaches a high of 156 metres, and has a warning light for passing aircraft, says Petri Ainonen, project director of the crane company Havator. Finland’s highest wind turbine will be raised in Olhava, near the cost, on Tuesday. The hub of the windmill is at 140 metres, and the tips of the rotor blades will reach nearly 200 metres when they rotate."

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