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Vertu names Anssi Vanjoki Chairman of the Board -- Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition - Business & Finance -
"Former Nokia deputy CEO Anssi Vanjoki has confirmed to Helsingin Sanomat that he has been named the chairman of the board of luxury mobile telephone manufacturer Vertu. Vanjoki has made an investment in the company through the capital investment company EQT." ‎· silpol
oh, The Motorcyclist back to arena ;) ‎· silpol
am surprised with speculations of android for vertu. jolla would fit better imho. ‎· romanovskis
I'm not surprised - Vanjoki is old fox, and we don't know how deep is patent-trolling hook inserted into Jolla, if any... ‎· silpol
moreover, I guess he had taken view on things from outside of big N, he has right for 2nd opinion ‎· silpol
Всё, батарейки поехали взад. :) ‎· abbra