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"The official language of Finland is Lamppostanese. Some people say they speak georgish. This is largely because no foreigners have yet to hear a Finn speak. If they do speak, it will most likely be in the language you speak as they have some sort of psychic ability to realize that you are a foreigner and your native language is Punjabi. They then download this language from your brain and use it on you, thus saving you the challenges of actually learning the Finnish language. However, they have no idea where this language family came from, nor how it got to where it is today, leading the vast majority of linguists to conclude that the Finns are the last remains of an alien invasion thousands of years ago, which would certainly explain their psychic abilities." ‎· silpol
"A little-known fact: most Finnish sentences can be used as Microsoft product activation codes. " !!!!!!!!!!!! ‎· silpol
^^^ This! ‎· abbra
""Finnish is what happens when a stutterer speaking Japanese gets drunk." (quote from a professor somewhere in Ohio) " ‎· silpol
"One another weird thing in Finland; Ä. That one is the most weirdest letter ever seen. If we say "ä" in finland, it sounds like the english word a. And ä is so damn hard to spell. Try to say the word "hämäläinen". (And you cant say it, cant you, bwahahaha...) “Hae..maelaenen.. No, Hamaelaenaen.. No haema... FUCK I HATE FINNISH!!!” ~ You, saying Hämäläinen " ‎· silpol