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Treasure Hunter Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium by eGardenStudio - http://www.etsy.com/listing/100849150/treasure-hunter-marimo-...
$18.85 USD Here's an adventurous Marimo moss ball (you can call him Mr. Explorer) hunting for treasure in a rocky lake! Among all those black rocks, there are several hidden treasures waiting for him -- several red glass pebbles that look like gems! This aquarium looks very natural and fun! A great gift or decoration! This would also look great with several Marimo balls. If you think that this Marimo ball needs other explorers to help him find the treasures, just let us know. We will make a custom listing for you! The extra ones would be $2 for each. Info about Marimo moss ball: Marimo ball is a live green algae, which naturally forms a cute round shape. It will grow bigger slowly over time. It gets its name from Mari meaning "ball" in Japanese and "mo" meaning algae in Japanese. Japanese people consider Marimo ball as a National Treasure and believe that it will bring good luck, so it's very popular in Japan. Also, in Iceland it is believed that if you take good care of Marimo ball,... ‎· silpol
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