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Green Marimo Moss Ball Modern Decor / Table Centerpiece / Aqua Moss Terrarium by eGardenStudio - http://www.etsy.com/listing/92768203/green-marimo-moss-ball-m...
$27.85 USD If you would like a little table centerpiece with some natural fun and a simply modern taste, this is the right fit for you! It can also be a very cool gift for a friend who likes modern decor! The little hanging glass vase has a diameter of about 3'', which means it doesn't really take up a lot of space for your table yet it can make a great decoration! The little green ball is called a Marimo moss ball, which is a live green algae. It naturally forms a cute round shape over time. It will grow bigger slowly over time. It gets its name from Mari meaning "ball" in Japanese and "mo" meaning algae in Japanese. Japanese people consider Marimo ball as a National Treasure and believe that it will bring good luck, so it's very popular in Japan. Also, in Iceland it is believed that if you take good care of Marimo ball, it will “make your wishes come true”. One very interesting fact about Marimo is that it sinks or floats freely due to its interaction with water and air. So if you... ‎· silpol
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