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A Family of Three Assorted Sizes of Miniature Marimo Moss Ball Bottles by eGardenStudio - http://www.etsy.com/listing/81057069/a-family-of-three-assort...
$25.00 USD These little guys have been featured on Etsy front page! Thanks so much for the love and support!! <3 Here is a happy family of three Marimo balls! They are parents and a kid:) Each bottle has a different shape and size;) So do the Marimo balls! This assorted feature makes it very interesting and fun! They can be great gifts for your friends or you can keep them as your little treasures. It's fun to observe these mysterious Marimo moss balls, and to shake the bottles gently to spin the Marimo around. This can also help them grow more evenly and round! Our Marimo balls are all very green, fresh and round! High quality guaranteed! Marimo ball is a live green algae, which naturally forms a cute round shape. It gets its name from Mari meaning "ball" in Japanese and "mo" meaning algae in Japanese. Japanese people consider Marimo ball as a National Treasure and believe that it will bring good luck, so it's very popular in Japan. Also, in Iceland it is believed that if you take... ‎· silpol
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