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"I was told back in end of 90s by senior Finnish colleague (boss of boss) that Finland had agreed to raise immigration barriers for sake of keeping DNA material refreshed. He even told that some high medical official held speech on TV in prime time in beginnging of 90s, literally advising women to have non-Finnish father for their kids, again for sake of national DNA pool. And the main cause was high level of inbreeding detected on nation-wide level during some vast DNA research. Granted that teller of story was mainly counter-immigration, I tend to trust him - he said he'd like to see less foreign faces (into my foreigner face) but national DNA pool is more important. disclaimer: I have never seen any factual data to support this theory." ‎· silpol
I wonder how the Japanese and Koreans, both quite closed to immigration, fare tin this regard. Probably they are just larger (1-1.5 orders of magnitude). ‎· 9000
126.6mln vs 5.5mln (Japan vs Finland) give sufficient genetic pool to last longer? Though what matters more is size of the original genetic pool that caused appropriate founder effect hundreds years ago (and each time sufficiently different breakthrough happened in geographical and social arrangement of the next founder generation). East Finns had relatively small genetic pool compared to other European countries and comparable to what East Asians had though it is hard to say which one was higher. ‎· abbra
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