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The Permanent War Economy « The Lefty Gazette - http://leftygazette.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/the-permanent-wa...
"In 1981, the supply siders commandeered the Reagan Presidency and employed their Voodoo Economics, as Bush senior had called it in 1980. He was saying that tax cuts would not increase government revenues. As you can see on the graph above, the Voodoo failed just as Bush predicted, and the supply siders turned a 32-year winning streak into a debt disaster that continues to this day. For 20-years, under Reagan and the Bushes, the national debt increased compared to GDP every single year. Source: http://zfacts.com/p/318.html " ‎· silpol
"So who, really, are the parasites on the economy sucking up welfare from American taxpayers? ... Looking across the breadth of the U.S. budget and policies, a key question arises: Whose welfare is the government serving — the people’s or corporations’?" ‎· silpol
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