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No Tech Magazine: Designing for Velomobile Diversity -
""Velomobiles currently appeal to niche, enthusiast markets through a range of both low scale production and D.I.Y processes."" ‎· silpol
Hmm, this one looks like all downsides collected: you have to find a parking lot as for a car, you can't carry it in your hands, you are not protected from weather, and your range is that of a very heavy bicycle. A good velomobile should be compact as a motorbike, with some roof and windshield, and preferably a small battery for recuperative braking and helping with uphill roads. Consider or or ‎· 9000
@9000 "This paper explores the current limitations in promoting velomobiles as a commuter alternative to the automobile in that it proposes velomobile diversity be approached through the application of dynamic, emotive styling, vehicular packaging variations and functional storage, together with the use of sustainable construction materials with techniques that reduce assembly and fabrication costs." ‎· silpol
WRT storage: velomobiles must be light enough to easily store vertically, without heavy lifting equipment. ‎· 9000
@9000 pity you don't read Finnish... one member of Greens Finland has blog "Minä en harrastaa pyörää" (something like I do not use bike for hobby), and he is very clear why bike is not yet ready for commuting, unless you have real shower at workplace, and your colleagues are ready for bike suit in meetings, etc-etc-etc ‎· silpol
I can understand the need for a shower, but I don't see how a velomobile might solve this. It uses muscle labor all the same. ‎· 9000