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Helsinki in Frames - Hakaniemi - Pitkäsilta bridge - Picture 1/2 - http://www.hel2.fi/kaumuseo/helsinkiinframes/hakaniemi/pitkasilta_1.html


"With the move from the Old Town to Vironniemi in 1640, the city needed a better road network. The route north went across the wooden Pitkäsilta bridge over the Kaisaniemi bay to the island of Siltasaari. Up until the late-19th century Siltasaari was an island in more than name: it was joined to the mainland by two wooden bridges. One was the Pitkäsilta bridge and the other the Pikkusilta, or 'little bridge'. When the strait between Hakaniemi and Siltasaari was filled at the end of the 1800's, the Pikkusilta bridge fell redundant and was demolished. Pitkäsilta had originally referred to the longer of the two bridges. The present three-arched granite bridge was finished in 1912. Industry brought large working-class neighbourhoods to the north of Pitkäsilta. At the turn of the century there were already almost 20,000 inhabitants. The city plan for Kallio and Sörnäinen dates back to 1901."

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