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"Management by perkele is originally a Swedish expression for a Finnish leadership approach that, according to its proponents, takes required actions in a quick and swift way, instead of a prolonged pondering of all possible alternative approaches and points of view before actually getting anything done. This is specifically contrasted to the Swedish consensus decision-making, where the manager makes sure that everyone involved has been heard before decisions are taken. The name is derived from the well-known Finnish swear word perkele, and it is a reference to the repeated times this word is yelled by the top managers." ‎· silpol
сейчас по YLE показывают как бы документальный сериал Suomi on ruotsalaista, довольно забавно :) ‎· dmtr
вчера скачал доступные серии с Areena ‎· dmtr
areena есть для андроида отдельным приложением, надо поглядеть ‎· silpol
ну мне интереснее на компе смотреть, к тому же оно удаляется из арены с опред лагом. ‎· dmtr
вообще типичная постколониальная история ) ‎· dmtr
:) ‎· silpol