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Going Blind: The Coming Satellite Crisis — NOVA Next - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/space/going-blind-the-comin...
"We’re lucky. Weather is a sideshow to our daily lives. For others, though, advance knowledge of the weather directly affects their livelihoods, from farmers to construction workers to airline pilots. But there are times when weather affects us all, especially instances of severe weather like Hurricane Sandy. There, accurate forecasts can save lives, and those forecasts rely heavily on satellite data. Unfortunately, in just a few years, part of our weather satellite system that is vital to forecasts will very likely go blind." ‎· silpol
Да, золотой век освоения космоса кончается, и не только в наблюдениях за погодой. А какие были надежды... ‎· angry cat swimming in floodwater
budget cuts went wrong ‎· 9000
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