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another victim of cloud services -- This is unacceptable. @google shut down my personal files on Drive. My personal files don't violate ToS. No explanat http://pic.twitter.com/Vydoht5zIe http://twitter.com/DerekKhanna/status/339137063729393664
Cloud without SLA is a cache. ‎· 9000
@9000 he had ToS, he had been cut on that ToS actually :) so... no, this is not cache problem, this is problem described by #RMS http://bit.ly/oB3pjc back in 2008 but... everyone wants to be consumer, nobody wants to be a citizen... :D ‎· silpol
@9000 but you ought to copypaste that comment above as reply for original poster, also include @doctorow to maximize effect ;) ‎· silpol
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