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"The idea that people could use computers to amplify thought and communication, as tools for intellectual work and social activity, was not an invention of the mainstream computer industry or orthodox computer science, nor even homebrew computerists; their work was rooted in older, equally eccentric, equally visionary, work. You can't really guess... - http://www.rheingold.com/texts/tft/9.html
RIP Doug Englebart, father of everything in modern user computing -- ""Doug Engelbart, who passed away last night, dreamed up and constructed most of the digital world we live in today -- not just the mouse, but hypertext, multimedia, online group communication (his SRI group was ARPAnet's first Network Information Center), outlines that expand and contract with a click. The course of my career was determined by the day I met him in 1983. He was a friend, inspiration, and mentor, and I loved him. This is the chapter of Tools for Thought that I wrote about him in 1985." " ‎· silpol
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