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Finnish national gallery - Kiasma Research Library - http://www.fng.fi/library/kiasmaresearchlibrary
"The Kiasma Research Library is part of the Finnish National Gallery Library. It houses materials associated with contemporary art dating from the 1960s onwards. Supplements to the collection support the exhibitions and collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Key collection areas include Finnish contemporary art, latest trends in contemporary art and associated theoretical literature, collection artists and art periodicals. The Kiasma library’s responsibilities include publication exchange with Finnish and international art museums. The library collection is also augmented through acquisitions and donations." ‎· silpol
"As well as museum personnel, the Research Library also serves external contemporary art researchers. The library has study desks and three self-service terminals with access to a variety of resources, including the library database, the Finnish National Gallery’s art registry, digital image database, media archive, external databases in the museum network, and the Internet. Visitors are asked to make an appointment in advance." ‎· silpol
anyone into contemporary art? ‎· silpol
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