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Economic democracy? Is it when people vote on what to do with the piece of bread you've baked? ‎· 9000
"One of the major conflicts of the era that is not often highlighted for public debate is whether we want an economy that privatizes government services and public resources and continues to concentrate wealth; or whether we want to develop an economic democracy that invests in the public interest and creates shared prosperity." ‎· silpol
no, privatized wealth is when "The taxpayer spends hundreds of billions developing large infrastructure or common wealth value, and then big business buys-in cheap and gets long-term profits." ‎· silpol
^ this is called either 'theft' or 'gross property management misconduct'. buying-in cheap can't usually happen without some administrative "greasing of the gears". did you notice how it requires persons that don't own a property but manage it, allegedly 'for public good', but not persons that really own a property? ‎· 9000
but _after_ that, things don't go any better - privatized medicine is about squeezing money out (mind you, it goes to same even without theft or misconduct), private jail system is all about making incomers stream to use them as material, etc-etc-etc ‎· silpol
what I'm trying to say is - neither privatization is no silver bullet nor "economic democracy" is. there is no silver bullet. ‎· silpol