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A detailed analysis of congressional votes on privacy and an action plan for 1984 day and beyond. : restorethefourth - http://www.reddit.com/r/restorethefourth/comments/1jmhq1/a_de...
"The list includes congressional members' names, party, chamber (house or senate), and their votes on the patriot act (2001), the reauthorization (2006), the Protect America Act (2007), FISA (2008), the patriot act extension (2011), the FISA extension (2012) and the Amash amendment (2013). It then attempts to tabulate an intrusion score based on the number of bad and good votes each number has made. A high intrusion score means a member has done more damage to our privacy, and a low intrusion score means they have done less damage (or acted to protect our privacy). Some of these data were tabulated from a table shared in this post, other data I assembled myself. If you see an error (and there will be errors) let me know or correct it yourself if possible." ‎· silpol
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