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Your iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator - The Week -
"How much energy does it take to power your smartphone addiction? ... A midsize refrigerator that qualifies for the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star rating uses about 322 kW-h a year, while your iPhone uses about 361 kW-h if you stack up wireless connections, data usage, and battery charging." ‎· silpol
"All added up, Mills calculates that it now takes more energy to stream a high-def movie than to manufacture and ship a DVD of the same film." ‎· silpol
I hope there is a miscalculation somewhere, especially with the DVD example. ‎· 9000
@9000 if you dug into capex-es and opex-es of two different technology manufacturing, at some point you'll get stuck with phantasmagoric pile of EROEI aggregative calculations. ‎· silpol
Come on, people, iphone 4s' battery has ~ 2.5 Ah battery at 3.7V, which gives us 9.25 Wh of energy capacity. ‎· ati
hmmm, battery is already 81kWh... 365 * 24 * 9.25 = 81030... wireless connections, data usage - dunno how to calculate BTS and rest of net ‎· silpol
Note that efficiency of charging is probably 50-70%. ‎· 9000
yes, but there is network and data behind - we don't know even approximately how much is burned in typical mobile network "per mobile", leave alone how much is burnt by data centers "per mobile" ‎· silpol
Well, we don't know precise numbers, but we can make an educated guess. Transmit power is around 20W per antenna. Typical cell tower has 1-20 antennas and capacity of 100-150 voice channels. So transmit energy is about (20*10*24*365)/120 = 14.6 KWh Let's add 3KW for infrastructure (non-transmit) power consumption. This is (3000*24*365)/120 = 219 KWh So total energy consumption per voice channel is (9.25*365) + 14.6 + 219 = 237 KWh ‎· ati