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persistent.info: Getting ALL your data out of Google Reader - http://blog.persistent.info/2013/06/getting-all-your-data-out...
"Update on July 3: The reader_archive and feed_archive scripts are no longer operational, since Reader (and its API) has been shut down. Thanks to everyone that tried the script and gave feedback. For more discussion, see also Hacker News. There remain only a few days until Google Reader shuts down. Besides the emotions1 and the practicalities of finding a replacement2, I've also been pondering the data loss aspects. As a bit of a digital pack rat, the idea of not being able to get at a large chunk of the information that I've consumed over the past seven and a half years seems very scary. Technically most of it is public data, and just a web search away. However, the items that I've read, tagged, starred, etc. represent a curated subset of that, and I don't see an easy of recovering those bits." ‎· silpol
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