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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to step down within a year -
"Ballmer will retire within the year after a successor is found, according to a Microsoft statement on Friday morning." -- ok, clown to depart, now when rest of circus will be disbanded? ‎· silpol
I won't mind disbanding MS if MS Research stayed intact; a bunch of pretty brilliant projects are being done there. (Much the same as AT&T and Bell Labs years ago.) ‎· 9000
@silpol, are you going to recommend Stephen Elop as a replacement?:) ‎· Стадо овец
^ :)))))) ‎· romanovskis
I'd recommend him to join Steve in a year/ ‎· abbra
@9000 if they sold out assets, put money into fund/trust, finance from that fund research centre "as is" _and_ burn Microsoft labels in public -- I don't mind ;) ‎· silpol
@aivanov keep you fingers crossed, you might be actually doing historical guess ;) ‎· silpol
12 months is enough to run both MS and Nokia into the ground ‎· romanovskis
@romanovskis in a way, that would be nice - just imagine how big will be free space for new businesses after they both go bite dust! I also want to see herds of current CIOs go kill themselves against wall because of deep dependency on MS products and even larger _volumes_ of office plankton being dismissed into nowhere because their MS office skills don't make any value anymore :) isn't it exciting, eh? better than nuclear war ;) ‎· silpol