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Forget Snowden: What have we learned about the NSA? - http://tldr.io/tldrs/51e0518da043b14e0a003407/forget-snowden-...
At Black Hat 2012 hacking conference in Las Vegas this hack asked a former government investigator if the US was spying on US citizens. AT&T were on a regular list of companies who operate under a rolling set of secret court-orders to hand over customer records. Cloud storage and service providers based in the US reported taking an immediate hit from the affair. "We're toxic in Europe". Microsoft's problems got even bigger when Snowden released documents showing quite how closely Redmond is working with the NSA to slurp customer's data. So far Snowden's releases had only covered US traffic, but after leaving US he started to spill the beans about the overseas operations of the NSA and others. Read complete article ‎· silpol
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