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Every Important Person In Bitcoin Just Got Subpoenaed By New York's Financial Regulator - http://tldr.io/tldrs/520f87c731d3cc4544001032/every-important...
Things are getting serious for Bitcoin this month: a federal judge declared it real money, Bloomberg gave it an experimental ticker (XBT). The New York State Department of Financial Services is starting out by subpoenaing 22 digital-currency companies and investors to get a lay of the Bitcoin land. A subpoena doesn’t mean criminal activity has taken place - department wants to make sure Bitcoin isn’t a conduit for illicit activities. The virtual currency Bitcoin has already been getting lots of attention on the federal level - IRS, FBI, SEC, DoT and now NYSDFS. That will be a hassle but it’s better than being a Bitcoin business in Thailand - the country’s central bank has declared the virtual coin illegal for now. Read complete article ‎· silpol
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