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Why We Hate Infographics (And Why You Should) - http://insights.qunb.com/why-we-hate-infographics-and-why-you...
"In 1989, during my first internship (don't even dare asking), I discovered and toyed for days with a mind-blowing machine: an plotting table. It was like a printer, except that it was moving a dozen of color pencils over the paper, and it was meant to draw... graphs, as it was called in the 80's. Then in the early 90's, hipsters of that time decided that graphs weren't cool enough, and called them charts. On an unrelated note, charts started being printed on regular printers, and boredom killed millions of interns. Then in the mid-00's, the art of plotting/graphing/charting data was re-named... data visualization. The course of mankind was changed forever, or at least for the next decade. On the same unrelated note, as data visualizations went online, surfing the web dramatically decreased the interns mortality rate." ‎· silpol
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