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Re: Typhoon and earthquake strike Fukushima - http://grist.org/news/typhoon-and-earthquake-strike-fukushima...
"Your argument here and there looks like you have no close experience of nuke radiation on yourself or close relatives/friends - it is sad but almost 100% typical enough among pro-nuke armchair generals. False dichotomy against coal is another typical argument. Or your quote "Only a few thousand people got cancer from Chernobyl, which happened decades ago." - yes, "only...". And quality of those statistics, why bother if it could show it was lame. But when it comes to even remote possibility of _your_ premature death in Chernobyl zone, just to demonstrate how safe it is - oh, no, you don't want it. "Straw argument", a-huh... Which is understandable, but does not make you any better. I wonder, are you paid for these? Or just stupid enough to do it for free? Nevermind, these questions are rhetorical, no need to answer - answers won't change who you are and what you do." ‎· silpol
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