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Stunning Brutalist Architecture in Eastern Europe - Likes - http://likes.com/weird/brutalist-architecture-in-eastern-euro...

"This building houses the Architecture Facility at the Polytechnic Institute Of Minsk, and we think it's only fitting that the building has been constructed to look like a strange structure straight from the Brutalist architecture movement! Is it just us, or does it look a bit like a cruise ship? This building is just way too crazy..." ‎· silpol
It actually looks funny nowadays as its nose is pointing towards National Library building ~1km away. National Library looks like huge diamond ball and therefore Architecture faculty is actually giving it a kick! ‎· abbra
And Polytechnic Institute is State Technical University for good 20 years already. Right behind this building there are three buildings of their students' dormitories which look on Google Maps like giant ninja shurikens despite having only three spikes each. The fourth is delivered by the wide road coming to each of them. ‎· abbra

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