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The miserable de-growth - of the westerners by Franco Pavese (eBook/ePub) - Lulu - http://www.lulu.com/shop/franco-pavese/the-miserable-de-growt...
"The eBook is intended to tackle in a synthetic and non-technical way, some big questions arising on the true reasons of the present economic crisis and concerning the possibility that it could be overcome by mean of a “happy de-growth”, a popular way of thinking. The answer is overall not optimistic, and the concept of limit for the availability of the natural resources on the earth is said to be inevitable. Due to this limit, a new model of development needs be adopted. On one hand it is very positive that the number of who in the world is today able to have better life conditions more than doubled due to delocalisation, a result that must be applauded. On the other hand the new situation prevents from ensuring the previous possibility of a constant and continuous increase of the economic development indexes in each Country and every year." ‎· silpol
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