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Ubuntu 13.10 Finally Released, Big Yawner - http://ostatic.com/blog/ubuntu-13-10-finally-released-big-yawner

"Although Saucy Salamander offers some useful improvements, it’s a relatively thin update. XMir, the most noteworthy item on the 13.10 roadmap, was ultimately deferred for inclusion in a future release. Canonical’s efforts during the Saucy development cycle were largely focused on the company’s new display server and upcoming Unity overhaul, but neither is yet ready for the desktop." ‎· silpol
"On the privacy issues associated with Dash he added, "Although I think that a universal Web search has the potential to be useful, I’m not really comfortable with the way Canonical tacks it on to local system searches. In its current form, it strikes me as a bit too invasive." He concludes, "It’s hard to get excited about the 13.10 release, but there are some major changes on the horizon that should make the next few major Ubuntu releases a lot more interesting." See Paul's full review at arstechnica.com." ‎· silpol

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