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Innovation Starvation | World Policy Institute - http://www.worldpolicy.org/journal/fall2011/innovation-starva...
"My lifespan encompasses the era when the United States of America was capable of launching human beings into space. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on a braided rug before a hulking black-and-white television, watching the early Gemini missions. This summer, at the age of 51—not even old—I watched on a flatscreen as the last Space Shuttle lifted off the pad. I have followed the dwindling of the space program with sadness, even bitterness. Where’s my donut-shaped space station? Where’s my ticket to Mars?" ‎· silpol
OTOH, several privately-funded space companies steadily build rockets eventually capable of putting humans on LEO, on the moon, and maybe further. If anything, space is developing as it should, just a bit late compared to what we could expect in 1960s. ‎· 9000
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