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Re: What technology should my startup use? - Matt Aimonetti - http://mattetti.github.com/mattetti/posts/2013/08/27/what-tec...
""But Python was created way before the internet became popular and if concurrency and high throughput is a concern for you, a dynamic, interpreted language with poor concurrency might not be the right choice." -- apparently when Paul Buchheit, Jim Norris, Sanjeev Singh and Bret Taylor left Google, made own startup Friendfeed and built Tornado web server exactly on Python, they didn't realize they would contradict your statements on Python. Apparently you know also that Tornado is one of web servers/frameworks which is actually resolving C10k problem and that was reason why Friendfeed had been bought by Facebook, and currently used by. Yes, so much talk about concurrency and throughput..." ‎· silpol
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