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Re: What technology should my startup use? - Matt Aimonetti - http://mattetti.github.com/mattetti/posts/2013/08/27/what-tec...
"Thanks that you brought this aspect. While I obviously see certain bottlenecks in GIL-like concept and overall lack of more fine-grained concurrency mechanisms, I tend to think that low-level concurrency is acceptable only to very small extent. Anything behind it is poor work of architect / designer, to say polite. In other words, complexity is acceptable only in low doses, like poison. It is not that I like or not concurrency and/or complexity, I just have seen enough systems which had been done that way and became a painful problem themselves. They managed to reduce level of obvious failures to pass acceptance (but not resolved "mysterious" ones) and while had been taken to work, created significant stability problems. To cut long speech short, thanks for pointing again to GIL but we have major difference in perception of how systems should be built and what is acceptable as problem caused by that choice. It is Ok to have different views ;)" ‎· silpol
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