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This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy | George Monbiot | via @TheGuardian http://bit.ly/1aBOGBx
«Three private individuals are entrusted with the power to review, without any restriction or appeal procedure, all actions of the government, all decisions of the courts, and all laws and regulations emanating from parliament» — this is bad. ‎· 9000
«It is precisely because our courts are generally not biased or lacking independence that the corporations want to bypass them. The EC seeks to replace open, accountable, sovereign courts with a closed, corrupt system riddled with conflicts of interest and arbitrary powers» — this is mightily bad. ‎· 9000
«Investor-state rules could be used to smash any attempt to save the NHS from corporate control, to re-regulate the banks, to curb the greed of the energy companies, to renationalise the railways, to leave fossil fuels in the ground. These rules shut down democratic alternatives. They outlaw leftwing politics.» — well, this may be not that bad! :) The authors show their bias in a pretty unashamed way. ‎· 9000
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