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The Hidden Biases in Big Data - Kate Crawford - Harvard Business Review - http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/04/the-hidden-biases-in-big-data/
"This looks to be the year that we reach peak big data hype. From wildly popular big data conferences to columns in major newspapers, the business and science worlds are focused on how large datasets can give insight on previously intractable challenges. The hype becomes problematic when it leads to what I call “data fundamentalism,” the notion that correlation always indicates causation, and that massive data sets and predictive analytics always reflect objective truth." ‎· silpol
Big data biases are nothing compared to adaptive algorithms / AI biases we're going to face in ~10 years :) ‎· 9000
we already are exposed, e.g. on Amazon with their "customers who buy X also buy Y,Z and whatnot" ‎· silpol
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