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Microsoft takes over Nokia HQ | Yle Uutiset | -
"Nokia has vacated its long-time headquarters in Keilaniemi Espoo, following the sale of its mobile phone business to its smartphone platform partner Microsoft. The PC and software giant will now be taking up residence in the former Nokia premises." ‎· silpol
In the meantime, Apple starts to demolish old HP HQ in California to build its own. ‎· 9000
NOKIA HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. ‎· конесер и филолог
красивый был билдинг ‎· romanovskis
хорошо что они лодку в кадр не включили, там правее лодка/баркас/катер/етц стояла. злые языки говорят ушла, когда контора душу испустила... ‎· silpol