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RT @bengoldacre: Thatcher said a man in his thirties on the bus is a loser. Tbh I only really feel like a loser when the buses don't come.
When I was in London (in my 30s), I never took bus — only the tube! ‎· 9000
@9000 Pray how did you cope during Tube strikes or, er, planned closures? Cabs? ‎· Pig of War
@9000: Have ever you tried being in London when Tube doesn't work for one reason or another? You should try. Superovercrowded double decker buses are really something. ‎· Стадо овец
@aivanov /me first :-p ‎· Pig of War
@piggymouse какая фигня, все митинги в сити are subject to the Tube. ‎· Размытое в синей футболке
@alf Хотел сказать что-то ехидное про ваш райцентр, но хочу спать и не могу ничего придумать. :-) ‎· Pig of War
@aivanov А это ж ты вроде из Сити в Канарейкино пешком ходил? Или не ты? ‎· Pig of War
I only was struck by a Tube outage once; I just walked to Victoria station by foot. Please note that in London I spent ~4 days, of my 2 week in UK total. ‎· 9000