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BlackHat 2013 video: rooting SIM cards | Dangerous Prototypes - http://dangerousprototypes.com/2013/12/24/blackhat-2013-video...
"Karsten Nohl gave this presentation at the 2013 BlackHat conference in Las Vegas. “The protection pretense of SIM cards is based on the understanding that they have never been exploited. This talk ends this myth of unbreakable SIM cards and illustrates that the cards — like any other computing system — are plagued by implementation and configuration bugs.” The presentation slides can be in PDF format." ‎· silpol
now you could double-root your phone! ‎· 9000
"Help your technical contacts win the internal battles: Refuse to speak to their lawyers; never sign an NDA prior to your disclosure" ‎· silpol
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